Warakurna Artists supports artists from Warakurna, Patjarr and Wanarn communities.  Its programs contribute greatly to community well being and pride.

Maintaining all of our programs and projects is costly and requires financial support from a range of government, corporate and individual sponsors.

Your donation will make a significant contribution the artists of Warakurna, Patjarr and Wanarn communities, with all donations supporting our extensive creative and cultural programs. These programs provide artists with essential materials and supplies to share and document important Tjukurrpa and culture, to care for country, to create, take creative risks and innovate, along with opportunities to promote their works at exhibition, to travel, and to develop skills through extension and professional development.

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If you would like more information or like to make a donation and support our projects please contact us click here.

Warakurna Artists Aboriginal Corporation is a PBI (Public Beneficiary Institution) and has DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient)  status.  Any donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Please note that donations of $11,500 or more may be subject to disclosure to the Australian Electoral Commission under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Warakurna Artists
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