83-19 – Tjukurrpa Patirlpa Wadi, Parrot Men Dreaming – Judith Yinyika Chambers



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Artist: Judith Yinyika Chambers

Tjukurrpa Patirlpa Wadi, Parrot Men Dreaming – 2019

Painting – 305mm x 762mm acrylic on canvas

Tjukurrpa Patirlpa Wadi (Parrot Men Dreaming) an important dreaming story from Warakurna. Four men travelled the Warakurna side of Tjirrkarli to Yirriya. They stayed for several nights in Yirriya and then came to Warakurna. One man went hunting and speared and killed a marlu (kangaroo). He took it back to the camp situated in the Rawlinson ranges Gap. The hunter asked one of the men to gut the marlu but the man said ‘I’ve got a back ache’. The hunter then asked another man to dig a hole but the man said ‘I’m tired from walking’. The hunter then asked the other man to cook the marlu but he said ‘my eyes are no good’. The men began to fight and as argued the marlu’s tail began to grow very long. It encircled the men and threw them into a very deep hole. The men transformed into Patirlpa (parrots) with lovely coloured feathers. This is why there are so many parrots in Warakurna. Lovely feathers, greens, yellows, black, blue and a little bit of grey and white.

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