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Artist: Kristabell Porter

Kamurl Kata – 2017

Print – A3 Digital Print

Kristabell took a series of photographs in 2016 which looked at the practice of memento mori, and representing this idea in a modern Ngaanyatjarra way. In Kristabell’s words: The only story I know was a story told to me by my grandfather when he was still alive. He told me about how he used to travel the country, often without water, and how he’d survive on rainfall and bush food. He would tell me the story about how he met my grandmother up in Kintore and that he married her, and how they then had my uncle Paul Porter, then Molly and then my mother, Rhonda. One day he met a white man who later passed away in the desert, and now there’s a highway named after him, Lasseter’s Highway. My grandfather met Lasseter while he was travelling around the country in his Jeep, going from different rockhole to rockhole, community to community and visiting family and different tribes, before he met his wife, my grandmother, in Kintore country. He said that Lasseter was travelling with a camel, no car, just a camel. When I was little I always saw camels around, they’ve been travelling for years on this land. When they’ve got no water they die. I’ve seen it happen. That’s why I’ve taken these photos of the camel skulls, because it shows how tough the land is. We’d go hunting when I was younger and I’d see the camels travelling with their family, just as I travelled and hunted with mine. These images are about life on the lands. The animals, the rockholes, the colours and the landscape mean everything to me, because they remind me of my grandfather, and of his days travelling from rockhole to rockhole, surviving off the land. When I take photos of the country and of the animals in the landscape I live in, it helps me remember him and honour him. I am sharing my grandfather’s story, and what is now my story, with you.

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