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Artist: Dianne Ungukalpi Golding

Kungkarangkalpa – 2018

Painting – 1016mm x 1219mm: acrylic on canvas

All the women, men and kids travel from the east, west, north and south to Kunayunku, a rockhole depicted in the centre of the painting. One man Lunkarta (blue tongue lizard) comes from the west travelling by himself, and sits down amoungst all the camps of people. During the day the ladies are digging for honey ants when they hear a whump, whump sound on the ground that meant a kangaroo was coming. The ladies look out for him and hit him with a wana (digging stick) across the bridge of his nose, killing him and cooking him up. Everybody is happy and singing while the kangaroo is being cooked and when it is ready it is cut up and shared out to everyone. Everybody gets a good feed, except Lunkarta, who gets a funny part of meat, a no good part which he just throws away, he is painted in red ochre and he just turns his head away from everybody and when they fall asleep with full bellies he picks up his spears and walks toward Muntamarru. Also while everybody is sound asleep all the bones from the kangaroo come back together and forms up back into a full kangaroo which stretches to its full height and turns into a big tree, which is still there.

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