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Artist: Tjunka Lewis (Dec)

Wakalpuka – 2011

Painting – 508mm x 508mm: acrylic on canvas

Tjunka Lewis is from Papulankutja/Blackstone. He is famous for his beautiful wood carving and spear making. He worked for many years in Blackstone and originally painted with Papulankutja Artists until he went to Wanarn. This painting is from Tjunka’s country. Tommy Mitchell says this painting is about Tjunka’s country and a special place called Tawal, not far from Wakalpuka. All the emu boys were sitting down together. The emu boys started running when they heard a whistle. They started running towards Mt Aloysius, that’s a nyii nyii place (finches). One of the boys broke his leg. He must be still there? *Nicotina rosulata (native tobacco) / Tawal-tawal(pa) Used as a narcotic, mixed with ashes and chewed. Very important thirst suppressant which helped people travel great distances without water. Usually grows after summer rains. * Acacia tetragonophylla (Dead finish) / Wakalpuka Type of wattle. Seeds grinded for cakes and the roots are used to make a cough medicine. These bushes have needle like leaves with bright yellow globular flower heads. Ref: Wildflowers and plants of Inland Australia. Author: Anne Urban

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